1 week left!

June 9, 2008 § Leave a comment

Morning Brainz!

I’m on my last week of exams (at last, these last few weeks have been more hellish than I anticipated, serves me right for leaving it last minute…) which means – hackage can resume shortly! I feel I’ve been so strict about my revision I’d like to carry it on with mb_server so I’ve decided to stick to a 10am-5pm minimum working day. In this time I’ll be in Linux (no distractions there) focussing solely on my mb_server work. I also have only about 3 weeks left at uni, and home is incredibly boring – so that will help 😉

Niklas has emailed me about starting work on his templating stuff, which is great! The templating suite is ready for read-only work, I’d like to poke around with form processing a little bit more before I let him write some forms – but that should only take a few days to settle on.

Ok, gotta head out to a Calculus & Integration exam (bleh…) – later!


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