A slow week

August 8, 2008 § 4 Comments

Those who follow the mb-commits mailing lists, will probably have noticed a slow down in my commits, so I wanted to explain what was up 🙂

We made a decision to remove the current system of using Facades with Models, to just rewriting the entities to have the correct interface. This mean renaming all getters and setters to just accessors (much akin to the interface Class::Accessor provides) and is an incredibly slow and draining process.

I have a local branch from my Git copy of the Subversion branch that I’ve been commiting too – but as said, progress is slow. It is getting there of course, and I still think it will be worth it when it’s done, mainly due to cleaner and more consistant interfaces, and also reducing the size of the code.

That is all 🙂


§ 4 Responses to A slow week

  • niklasbe says:

    Are you only renaming subs, or combining the getters and setters in some way? In case you’re only renaming do you use refactoring? E.g. using Eclipse with a Perl plugin.

  • acidcycles says:

    Hi Niklas – I wasn’t aware that Eclipse even had a Perl plugin, but I’m more of a text-editor person (Vim & Emacs) rather than full blown IDEs. And yea, it’s not just straight forward renaming – I’m combining them:

    sub GetName and sub SetName would become sub name with an optional new_name parameter.

  • niklasbe says:

    I see. I prefer text editors as well(at least when coding Perl). So refactoring wont help you then. Anyways good luck to us! 😛 One week left ’til the GSoC deadline.

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