Hello from university!

October 7, 2008 § Leave a comment

Hello Brainz 🙂

Another week down, and this one has been a bit more tricky than the first! Not in terms of workload, simply in terms of finding time to do work! I moved back to uni about a week ago, and with everyone moving in and meeting all the new guys in the flat, it sure has been tought to set aside 2-3 hours at a time… But nontheless, I have a status update for you!

I decided to spend the last week working on pushing out as many new moderation forms as possible. To shoot through the list: move track, merge labels, label editing, label creation, relate to url, remove release, subscribe/unsubscribe to labels & artists, add cc license, edit release attributes… and I’m sure I missed a few.

But more importantly, I made a few more refactorings to make the process of working with these forms simpler and clearer… I looked at the Form::Processor plugin, and while I don’t like all of it (a bit too much magic, even I agree there Lukas!) – I do like the helper methods for loading forms. This change also made me split the forms up and make use of some more inheritance making the actual code that little bit cleaner.

I made my first multiple step forms as well; these were pretty tricky, and have taken a fair bit of thought. There are still no forms that use many steps (add release, import, etc) – but this has been the start. MB-Catalyst now has a nice elegent way to do those “search for artist/label” forms (like when you move a release to another artist) – so that’s one more little generic component down.

So, that’s last week – what about this week? I started the day working on convert to mulitple artists/single artist, and have them nearly down, but I think I’m going down the wrong route. Lukas reminded me that there is still a lot of ugly code in the background. Now could be a sensible time to start putting some beauty cream on those warts. My work is certainly on schedule, almost all ‘common’ edits can now be done.

To leave you all with a question, where do you think I should head to go next? The moderation system is non-existant (and obviously critical) and some of the backend work is really crucial too… I also have some work for you lot if you’re interested, to hopefully encourage some light community participation (that’s what this branch is all about!)… more on that tomorrow 🙂


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