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October 31, 2008 § Leave a comment

The last bunch of posts that I’ve made have all been about immediate work, so I wanted to write something a little lighter. I was going through mb-bugs, as I do daily, and it just hit me. I really do ♥ MusicBrainz 🙂

I’ve been around the project for 3, maybe even 4 years now – with increasing activity (obviously at the peak at the moment with the employment) – and I’ve seen MusicBrainz in various participation ‘states.’ But at the moment, I’ve got to say – this is easily the coolest.

We’ve got 2 paid developers, myself and Rob – but there’s so much more going on than that. #3981 is a brilliant example of this – we get a feature request from murdos (one of our great developers who’s been doing an incredible job recently), and shortly that’s turned around by outsidecontext who says he’s willing to do this work.

Seeing all this interaction between us developers really makes working for MusicBrainz at the moment a very exciting time, because I think when my current work is done (which is really out of the way for the community at the moment) – we’ll have 4 developers all working on the same codebase (or minor branches) for the MusicBrainz.

Also, it’s not just the developers – it’s the community too. The reason I’m here right now, is because of the positive “make it happen!” attitude in the general community – which I think is brilliant. Work a side, everyone is just generally a good person – and I’ve had numerous great conversations with MB fans both on and offline 🙂

So, MusicBrainz had it’s birthday a few days ago – so here’s a belated toast to Rob, and everyone who’s made MusicBrainz what it is! Let’s make it even better 😀


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