April 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’m a hopeless blogger, as anyone who’s subscribed to this blog can probably tell. But mst’s post raises some excellent points. Perl is a beatiful language, in my opinion. Yet constantly, it seems to get bad rep. People ask what I do for a job and I tell them I use Perl and they can’t help but smirk at that statement – and I’ve never got why.

So, if you don’t feel like meandering yourway through the linked wall of rant – the general gist of the movement is to get as many people blogging as possible, so I thought hey – might as well help. So a quick intro:

I’m a 2nd year student at Lancaster university student (comp sci, of course) and also work for MusicBrainz.org. Currently, MusicBrainz.org is going through a massive rewrite – new schema, and a new codebase. The latter I’ve been working on since Google Summer of Code 2008 and it makes ample use of Catalyst, Moose, Form::Processor and Template Toolkit, amongst other modules.

I’m also working on a few little pet projects at the moment too – one is a tool to help my revisions (read: slack off from revising). The idea is you feed the tool a set of questions and a set of answers, and it will periodically question you and record your progress. It’s proving to be an extremely fun project to work on – my first experience with App::Cmd and Gnome Perl bindings – but it’s all very smooth. Hopefully some more on this project a bit later! For now though, here’s how it looks:




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