Time to end an information addiction

May 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve become increasingly frustrated with how I spend my free time. Bouncing back and forth and back and forth between Reddit and Hacker News, and having a constant drip of information straight to me. It’s come to the point now, where my attention span is terrible – I can go barely half an hour without needing to find something funny to look at, or a new video to watch, or catch up on some technology that I’m going to forget 10 seconds later that has zero impact on my life.

I often spend time thinking back to myself as a child. There were things I do differently in life now, but there are still a lot of traits that I’ve lost as a kid. The fascination with everything, a need to understand – really understand – how everything worked. I could spend hours hacking away at little things and feel that joy and buzz when I got it working. I don’t get this so much anymore.

Part of it is growing up, no doubt. I’m 7 years older than these first memories – it’s hard to constantly understand new things, because there is a limit to the speed at which you can discover stuff. But the larger problem is just that I’m not trying! I still have the ideas, but there is no development. An idea might make it to a repository, but die out shortly afterwards.

Now I’m not suggesting I finish all these projects – there are countless past projects that never made it anywhere. However, there were projects that did have longevity – now there aren’t.

So, Reddit, Hacker News, it’s time to say good bye for now – it’s been fun, but you’re just starting to drain me of creativity. I’m sure the transitional period is going to be rocky, but I fell this has got to be done!

Now, maybe I can finish reading these books on my self, finish really learning Haskell and Lisp, practice guitar more and continue my piano studies…

Interesting footnote: During the writing of this short post, I was distracted probably 5 times with YouTube and other stuff – at one point entirely forgetting what I was writing about.


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