June 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

Just thought I’d let people know that I’ve been making progress on this branch. Muzzz has also hopped on board (thanks!) and is prettifying my ugly templates so they are much more consistant with the main site. In terms of my work, I’ve been working on the artist controller recently. The landing page is nearing completition and you can change between full and compact view (though there is no link to do so).

Also, Luks has set up a bug tracking report on our bug tracker, so if you feel like anonying me (and who doesn’t!) I’d really appreciate any bugs filed under my report.

Here’s some stuff to get you started: – that’s Daft Punk on my dev server 🙂 For the “full view”:

If anything is missing, broken or otherwise wrong – feel free to report it. I’ll be working off the bug tracker somewhat in the future, so the more bugs to squash the better.


1 week left!

June 9, 2008 § Leave a comment

Morning Brainz!

I’m on my last week of exams (at last, these last few weeks have been more hellish than I anticipated, serves me right for leaving it last minute…) which means – hackage can resume shortly! I feel I’ve been so strict about my revision I’d like to carry it on with mb_server so I’ve decided to stick to a 10am-5pm minimum working day. In this time I’ll be in Linux (no distractions there) focussing solely on my mb_server work. I also have only about 3 weeks left at uni, and home is incredibly boring – so that will help 😉

Niklas has emailed me about starting work on his templating stuff, which is great! The templating suite is ready for read-only work, I’d like to poke around with form processing a little bit more before I let him write some forms – but that should only take a few days to settle on.

Ok, gotta head out to a Calculus & Integration exam (bleh…) – later!

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