Light at the end of the tunnel?

November 16, 2008 § Leave a comment

While the next server release is rapidly being prepared by the other developers, I’m happy to announce that at the end of this month, this branch will be straight up for testing! I’ve been a bit quiet recently on the blog, but that’s not due to lack of work! Some recent changes implemented have seen the completion of the add release wizard and the moderation system seeing significant progress towards being fully usable.

However, it’s not quite their yet. Here’s a copy and paste, straight from

***** Hacking
******* Odd jobs
********* TODO Move MB::S::Controller::Entity -> MB::S::Controller
********* TODO Relate artist to URL should keep artist header
********* TODO Move to MusicBrainz/
******* Tags
********* TODO Move root/tag to root/tags
********* TODO Pagination on display action
********* TODO Displaying 'all' doesn't show links to drill down to just artists
******* Complete user controller
********* TODO User profile -> review links
********* TODO Edit profile not pre-filling
********* TODO Preferences form messed up...
********* TODO User profile -> subscribers
********* TODO User profile stats
********* TODO Login from the login page itself causes redirection to break
******* Internals
********* TODO MusicBrainz::Server::ReleaseEvent->country should work using objects :@work:
******* Editing
********* TODO Relate entities between each other
********* TODO Edit/remove relationships
********* TODO Links to edit attributes form from releases
********* TODO Import release from FreeDB
********* TODO Releate release to URL
********* TODO Add CC license to release
********* TODO Edit release
For this it would probably be sweet if we moved the current system to build up the
$release /as/ we work (instead of passing query params).
********* TODO Edit release events
********* TODO Auto editor section
******* Moderating
********* TODO View subscribed entities
********* TODO Edit navigation module
******* Tagging
********* TODO Support for entering and editing tags
******* Viewing
********* TODO Amazon cover art for releases
See release
********* TODO No status on label page
********* TODO Label page does not correctly link to artists?
********* TODO Popups on release status/type

As you can see, it’s not a small amount of work. But I’m happy that these are the features that stand out to me as “missing” the most – once this list is done then it’s off to the testing servers!

Now, I’m off to get the tag controller fully working today!


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